A veteran musician of more than 60 years, Benny has played everywhere from the Chitlin’ Circuit, to Europe, Japan, Australia, and all points in between.  Content to be a sideman in support of the many giants he worked with, the time came for Benny to take his rightful place in the spotlight on center stage, to the delight of blues fans worldwide.

To listen to - and talk with - Benny Turner is to be in the presence of living blues history.”     

               – Melanie Young, Living Blues Magazine



MUSIC VIDEO: "Who Sang It First"

"Who Sang It First" is Benny Turner’s adaptation of Jim George’s original song, Black Is Beautiful, which George describes as his “tribute to all the black pioneers and artists who have paved the way, invented the music and enriched all our lives.”  Turner’s version pays homage to the legendary blues musicians who have strongly influenced today’s music.  Appropriately, the song was recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals with veteran session musicians Clayton Ivey on keys and Will McFarlane on guitar.  



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