MISS BIX (Leslie Letven Bixler)


Blue Heart Records announces the release of Bittersweet, a digital reissue of Make It Right by Leslie Letven (2006).

Bittersweet, a timeless collection of sophisticated and sensuous music performed by some of the jazz world's finest players, reflects one of the many diverse styles of Miss Bix; her pensive mode. Co-written with her partner and muse, Bill Bixler (also on saxophone), this beautiful collection features the genius of Russell Ferrante, keyboardist and founding member of the Yellow Jackets, and Grammy nominee Lou Pardini (Chicago) on keyboards and background vocals. World-renowned bassist Brian Bromberg guests on the time-honored title track. Bittersweet will haunt you long after you have played it with its dreamy rhythmic cadence and lyrics that speak to the bittersweet nature of love and loss and loving again.

Bittersweet CD  $15.00


Introducing the new single from Miss Bix, "RED WALLS", featuring Keeshea Pratt.  Miss Bix says "It's a song and a subject that is desperately close to my heart and I hope that it will touch yours as well.  Thank you everyone for helping to make this song grow into something that speaks for me and I hope for you.  Here's to the better angels in all of us. Love, Miss Bix"


​Leslie Letven Bixler has been creating music for her entire adulthood, including smooth jazz, rock, and pop ... More recent explorations into the depths of the blues have sparked an intense, passion-driven musical trajectory.

"The atmosphere that permeates throughout this album is one of treacle thick closeness and mysticism, whether it is about love, obsession, possession, or retribution, it haunts you and invites you in." - Blues In The South

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