“The only truth is music.” ― Jack Kerouac


Nola Blue, Inc. is owned and operated by Sallie Bengtson, a music aficionado with a heart full of blues.  Sallie has a degree in Business Administration and Management from ​Albright College and more than twenty years of business experience in various administrative, management and ownership roles.  The opportunity to combine her business skills with her enthusiasm and passion for music is a dream come true, and shines through in all of her efforts.


Some of the best things in life happen spontaneously; like the inspiration for a song... or in this case, a record label. 

​Nola Blue Records was established in 2014 with the sole purpose of releasing Benny Turner's album of all-original music, "Journey."  The project had stalled, but it had so much potential that I was inspired to figure out a way to get it produced and marketed worldwide.  It wasn't long after airplay began and reviews started coming in that I was hooked.  All of a sudden, I was planning the next release, and the one after that.  As those projects were happening, the inspiration to grow my label evolved, too.

Blind Raccoon, the PR Agency of Record, is led by Betsie Brown, a professional with nearly two decades of music marketing experience.  When new music is released, she ensures that all corners of the globe are notified and kept updated on all the latest artist news.

Nola Blue Records is the physical expression of my "heart full of blues."  It's the music that inspires me, in recorded form.  If you have something to share, submissions are always welcome by emailing