Created for artists who wish to retain ownership of their music while enjoying worldwide distribution, promotion, and the marketing services of a label, Blue Heart Records is a joint venture between Nola Blue and Blind Raccoon, introduced in 2020.


A native of New York City, the eighteen year-old emerging artist has had the opportunity to study and perform with highly accomplished artists in the jazz and blues realms. For the past five years, he has been mentored by bluesman Clarence Spady, both onstage and off, which has profoundly
influenced his development.


19 year-old Charlie Bedford is no stranger to the blues community, having performed in the IBC Youth Showcase in 2017, 2018, and 2019.  Mentored by some of the biggest names in Australian blues, Charlie assures us he’s “Good To Go” with the release of his debut originals album, a fresh mix of 12 tunes.


Made up of brothers Tommy and Paddy Marsh, Crooked Eye Tommy casts a musical spell with the depths of joy and melancholy that results from a lifetime of playing music together.  Crooked Eye Tommy has been a six-time Ventura County Music Award winner and two-time International Blues Challenge semi-finalist (2014 and 2019), and in 2020 reached the Finals.  


Born into a large sharecropping family, Johnny was introduced to music by his father. After moving to Los Angeles in 1964, Tucker’s big break happened when blues guitarist Phillip Walker hired him on drums. It wasn’t until 1997 that Johnny Tucker made his own recording debut.  Now, having reached a milestone birthday on October 17, 2020, Tucker just released his new opus, 75 and Alive, again on the HighJohn Records imprint in partnership with Blue Heart Records.


Four-time British Blues Association award nominee Malaya Blue first entered the live circuit in 2015 following the release of her debut album, "Bourbon Street".   Her sophomore album, Heartsick, was released in 2016 to an expanding global listening base.  Now, she reaffirms her position as one of the UK contemporary blues premier vocalists and songwriters with her latest release, "Still"!

MISS BIX (Leslie Letven Bixler)

“This woman has a voice that is strong and sultry, yet compellingly vulnerable … this is one of those recordings I find myself going back to on a regular basis.  Bixler is an accomplished guitarist, a powerful vocalist, and one hell of a songwriter.” 
        - Reflections In Blue


Blue Heart Records is pleased to announce the signing of harmonica-playing vocalist Rob Stone. Deeply rooted in traditional blues, yet delivering high-energy performances with a thoroughly contemporary impact, Rob is one of the busiest musicians on the blues scene today.


Skylar Rogers, the “Hard-Headed Woman,” grew up in some of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods, learning that music gave her both strength and inspiration to weather life’s challenges.  Skylar believes “music survives the worst and celebrates the best."  She's a soul-rockin’ blues triple-threat: songwriter, vocalist and dynamic live performer. 


A BMA nominee for "Contemporary Female Blues Artist of the Year", Teresa's recordings are always met with rave reviews. Her 2019 release, "Here In Babylon" was nominated for a Grammy for Contemporary Blues Album. The much-anticipated studio follow-up, "Rose-Colored Glasses", is slated for August release.


Inspired by the country blues of Sonny Terry, Goluban began playing harmonica almost 25 years ago.  A devoted educator & curator of the blues, he also performs internationally.  His twelfth studio album, "Express Connection", offers nine new blues originals and a cover of Lou Reed’s “Pale Blue Eyes" and is now available!


Whether he's making recordings on someone's front porch, lighting up Beale Street with his own band, or bringing his soulful vocals and blazing harmonica to destinations nationwide, Tony Holiday remains a dedicated blues disciple.  "I've been on the road for ten years," he says.  "It's only gotten better.


Seven-time Blues Music Award nominee Vaneese is the daughter of legendary Rufus Thomas and younger sibling of “Memphis Queen” Carla Thomas and the late Marvell Thomas. Embracing this remarkable musical legacy, she has combined all the influences of her background and experience ­– R & B, gospel, blues, and jazz – to cultivate a soul-stirring style that’s all her own.


Call it blues, call it roots, call it what you will; it's 100% Veronica Lewis. And she delivers big with her debut album, You Ain't Unlucky, releasing February 19, 2021 on Blue Heart Records.  As 2020's Blues Artist of the Year, Boston Music Awards, Veronica is poised to bring a much needed resurgence to the genre among her peers.


The Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation, promotion, support and enjoyment of the truly original American art form, the blues.  Blue Heart Records is pleased to announce the release of Backyard Blues, a collection of sixteen original songs of various blues-based styles written and performed by Central Pennsylvania artists.


April has been compared to greats like Patsy Cline and Martina McBride delivering a sound that country music lovers, agents, and venues of all types have immediately recognized and appreciated!  Her stunning voice along with a new look and modern yet classic sound has earned her a who’s who in Texas music.    

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