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Nola Blue Records celebrates 10 years!

A soulful selection of musical milestones from the start of it all to the heart of it all.

Nola Blue Records imprint began with the 2014 release of 'Journey' by Benny Turner. In the ensuing years, the catalog has grown to 25 titles, including Turner's homage to his brother, the late Freddie King, 'My Brother's Blues,' as well as albums from blues legacy artists Cash McCall (RIP) and Frank Bey (RIP). 'All My Dues Are Paid,' the label's second release by Bey, received a posthumous GRAMMY nomination for traditional blues album of the year (2020). Artists and projects that have received Blues Music Awards and nominations include Benny Turner, Frank Bey, John Németh, Clarence Spady, Trudy Lynn, and The Love Light Orchestra. Nola Blue Records was named "Record Label of the Year" by The Josie Awards in September 2020.


"Nola Blue Records has been a breath of fresh air in the blues world. Dedicated to presenting high quality releases from stellar artists that have often been overlooked or underappreciated by the larger music scene. Congratulations on ten years of the blues!"  Brett J. Bonner, Editor - Living Blues


Sallie Bengtson, President - Nola Blue Records

It is almost inconceivable that a decade has passed since I first began this labor of love, guided purely by passion and without any industry knowledge to light my path. I’ve enjoyed some incredible achievements, endured some devastating disappointments and had seemingly countless experiences and emotions along the way. I hope that in some way I’ve been able to have as much of a positive impact on the blues community as the blues has always had on me.

Heartfelt thanks to Benny Turner for trusting and believing in me at the onset of this journey and for his endless support and encouragement; to my family for their patience and understanding of many long days, nights and weekends spent building my dreams into reality; and to Betsie Brown, Debra Clark and Tyler Faulkner who have all been instrumental in supporting the growth of Nola Blue. Truly, my gratitude extends to everyone I have met, learned from, worked with and represented over the past ten years. To list everyone would be impossible.


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